Dual-arm multi modality imaging system

Edamis is the new dual-arm multi modality imaging system for equine scanning.

The advanced robotic arms allow Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Cone Beam CT and Tomosynthesis, Circular Tomosynthesis exams with no anesthesia but light sedation only.

The first dual-arm multi modality
imaging system for equine scanning

Thanks to its particular design, the system provides high flexibility in the selection of patient-system orientation, source-detector distances and system scanning trajectories for all modalities fully defined by specific robot models.

Flexibility in patient-system orientation, distances and trajectories

No anesthesia,
light sedation only

Scanning of solid
moving objects

Five modalities in one system:

Digital Radiography

The special joystick control developed by the manufacturer Orimtech allows for easy change of positioning and image acquisition.

Cone Beam CT
During a fluoroscopy study, it is possible watch, record, and playback a live X-Ray scene.

During a tomosynthesis scan, the emitter and detector make 15-90 degree orbital motion.
The result is something in between full 3D image and radiograph image, often called “a layered radiograph”.
Circular Tomosynthesis
Circular Tomosynthesis is the Orimtech proprietary way to collect and process X-Ray data.
The result is a 3-dimensional non-isotropic image.

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