The first mobile tomosynthesis for equine scanning

Tomosynthesis is a proven 3D X-ray imaging technology for dental, sinus and limbs.

Simple, quick and with a low exposure dose, tomosynthesis imaging technology offers high quality multi-slice images to visualise parts thats are not visible with conventional plain radiography.

The first mobile tomosynthesis
for equine scanning

EqueTomTM performs Dental, Sinus, Heel, Pastern, Ergot, Cannon, Knee, Hoof, Coronet, Fetlock, Hock examinations.

Its unique reconstruction technique provides over 300 coronal slices of the examined body part for detailed examination, instead of a single static X-Ray shot.



Battery Powered

Battery powered

Due to superior battery capacity with EqueTom it is possible to perform 50 tomosynthesis exams and 100 radiography shots.

Clinical and Technical Support in Holopresence

EqueTom includes remote assistance in holopresence
for service and clinical application with:

Mixed Reality viewer

Application for smartphones/tablet

Desktop application

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