An advanced communication system developed for veterinary

OptipVet is the new way to communicate in veterinary in holopresence with HoloHealth technology for exchanging information and expertise.


The mixed reality experience allows consultancy during veterinary visits and augmented reality assisted surgeries to exchange knowledge and expertise remotely, making the second opinion possible in real time.

OptipVet superimposes clinical images on the surgeon’s operating field vision to have a comprehensive view of the body part together with medical records

OptipVet also improves learning and teaching in veterinary thanks to augmented reality application trainings for enhancing communication, eliminating travel costs and connecting instantly to the right expert.

About HoloPresence

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the interaction between reality and virtual object called holograms that are three-dimensional images visible in the real space by a wearable device (HoloLens).

Augmented Reality is unique: users do not lose touch with reality and information arrive into eyesight as fast as possible. These features enable Augmented Reality to become a driving force in the future of healthcare facilities across the world for applications that include surgical visualisation, education and training.

Recent hardware and software advances have reduced the cost of Augmented Reality while significantly improving the experience for users and developers.

The future will bring significant steps ahead to the education of patients and healthcare professionals, communication and patient outcomes.

The Technology making Augmented Reality possible

The technology is based on mixed reality visors, HoloLens, the most performant solution on the market that enables to live an extremely engaging experience allowing to keep an interaction between the reality and the virtual objects of Augmented Reality with the aim to amplify and improve the overall customer experience.

For that purpose HoloLens use an advanced optical projection system, generating holograms as existing tridimensional images in the real space.

Mixed Reality viewer

Application for

Desktop application

Back-End for interaction management

The interaction: Simple and Efficient


Second opinion during surgeries and visits

The body parts as 3D holograms

Intra-operative recording

Educational and Training Courses

Long distance holography educational courses

Long distance training programs: lameness exam, post-op follow up

An advanced communication system developed for veterinary

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